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You can have your terms and conditions displayed on the footer of the website for your customers to see.


You will need to add a new page by going to > Website > PagesScreenshot_2023-02-06_at_14.51.44.png


You will then have a list of the pages of your website. At the top right click on > Add a page :


You will be redirected to the page form where you'll have to enter the Page type. Choose "Sales Terms":


Add the title for each activated language, a URL is automatically created by the system, but you can change it if you wish to. After completing, click on > Save:


To add content to this new page, go to > Website > website > Customize.


Then go to > Pages and click on the Sales Terms page you just created to apply changes:


You can "add an element", like a text block and copy/paste your terms and conditions.

Your Terms and conditions will be available on your website, at the very bottom in the footer.

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