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Efficient property cleaning management is crucial for owners, especially when dealing with larger properties. Our user-friendly solution is designed to simplify the process and enhance productivity.
In this educative guide, we will outline the steps to :

  1. Change room status
  2. Create multiple cleaning staff accounts
  3. Assign units or rooms, Modify assignments by date ranges, and Plan future cleanings seamlessly
  4. Communicate with staff 
  • To access the housekeeping planning, click on "Planning" and then on "Housekeeping".

    1. Change room status

      By ticking one or several accommodations, you can change their status. At the end, do not forget to click on "Confirm" to update your changes:


      Deep clean: It means the client left, you need to clean the room. If you have a check-out registered on a reservation finishing today, the room will automatically have the status "Deep clean".
      Tidy up: It's a stay-over, the room needs to be inspected  & tied up
      Clean: You can change the status to "clean" when the room has been cleaned (new client or stay-over).

    2. Create multiple cleaning staff accounts

      You can easily add housekeeping accesses in the "settings" section. 
      Click on "team" then "add a member to the team"
      Enter First Name, Last Name & Email address
      Define the user access level as Housekeeper 
      Click to "add User" on the bottom right.  

    3. Assign room or property to staff

      On the Housekeeping section, you can assign a room or property to a housecleaning staff for : 
      - Just one day 
      - Permanently 
      - For a specific range   

      Simply move to the "assigned to" column, on the desired line click on "Assign staff" then select the staff member as well as the timeframe and click on "Assign"

    4. Communicate with staff 

      Directly from the Housekeeping planning, you can consult, and add comments for occupied rooms

    5. Send the housekeeping report by email

      You can send this information in an Excel file by email to you, or to someone else. Click on "Email report" and choose to which email address you want to send this report:

    6. Print or download the report in PDF
      You can download this report in PDF by clicking on "Print PDF"


  • On the Mobile App, to access the housekeeping planning from the application, click on the "Housekeeping" tab

    You can filter by status, by housekeeper to see only the rooms to tidy up, and by whom.

    Each housekeeper access will: 

    -> Have access to the room attributed to them 
    -> Update the status of the rooms attributed to them.



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