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The inventory is an essential part of the platform, it allows you to have visibility of centralized information regarding availability, pricing, and restrictions. The inventory is where you can set prices, restrictions, and availability, and in just one click you can update your website and OTAs. This article will provide you with useful information in detail about each section of the inventory.


What can you see on the inventory?

The top section of the inventory interface lets you select and load specific rates for each room. You can navigate through different months or choose a specific date using the date picker. It’s a convenient way to customize your view and manage room rates effectively.

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Additionally, you can see the following relevant information:

      1. Availability: it shows the number of available rooms, the color changes depending on the room available (green) or the room unavailable (red).
      2. Current booked rooms: It is a line that shows the number of bookings for that room.
      3. Price: it shows the price set for each day of the calendar, it can also be updated manually.
      4. Price recommendations: Price recommended by Amenitiz PriceAdvisor.


Rate restrictions and Min/Max Stay:

      1. Open arrival/departure: to set to open rooms to check-in/out for specific dates.
      2. Close arrival/departure: to set to close rooms to check-in/out for specific dates.
      3. Open/Close rates: you can view the status of the rate, it‘s open or closed.
      4. Min/Max stay: It shows the minimum and maximum stay, you can also update it manually.


Bulk update

The bulk update feature saves you time by allowing simultaneous changes to pricing, availabilities, and restrictions for multiple rooms during a specific period. It helps reduce manual errors and simplifies the management of room rates and restrictions.

What can you do with the Bulk update?

You can select what rate plan and the starting and ending dates of the period where you want to make a change.

The Bulk update allows you to update changes for a maximum of 365 days per time

You can update prices and restrictions only on your independent rates, derived rates can only be open/closed. Here is an article explaining how to create and manage a rate plan.


Select an action to perform:

      1. set availability: to set availability (e.g use it if you want to close availability for all channels)
      2. set price: set a price for a specific period (e.g set price at 100€ from June to July)
      3. set min/max stay: set the minimum/maximum stay for a period (e.g min 2-night at the weekend)
      4. close room arrival/departure: to close room at arrival/departure (e.g close arrival and departure every Monday, guest cannot check-in/out on Monday)
      5. open room arrival/departure: to open rooms for arrival/departure (e.g open for arrival/departure every Saturday, guests can only check in/out on Saturday)
      6. open/ close rate: to open/close rate plans for a specific period of time (e.g open Non-refundable rate only from June to August)

You can choose one or multiple rooms to apply the changes to


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