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This article provides you with information about the use of accounting codes in reports and report builders and it will show you how it works. This tool will help you to identify your transaction easily and to facilitate accountants' tasks.


What are accounting codes?

Accounting code refers to a code associated with different charges or transactions. These codes are integrated into the report builder to facilitate the accountant's job by keeping track of the expenses of your guests.

Why are accounting codes important?

    1. Make transactions simple to identify
    2. Help to reduce errors and facilitate accounting reports
    3. Allow accountants to enter data easily in their software

How to set accounting codes for your extra charge?

      1. Go to the "extra charge" sectionScreenshot
      2. Click on "Your categories"2
      3. Click on "Create a category"
      4. Add the accounting codeEN.gif
Here you find an article on how to create an extra charge and here an article on how to create and manage categories for extras



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