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A daybook is a book of original entries in which an accountant records transactions by date, as they occur. This article aims to provide you with information about the DayBook and its functionalities.


Where can you find the DayBook?

    1. Go to "Reports"
    2. Click on "DayBook"



Let's explore each component in detail:

View Options:

          1. Per Invoices: Allows you to navigate through your transactions based on invoiced items, as well as the payment method used. Within the invoiced view, you can filter data by selecting either a daily or period-based view.




          2. Per Services: This table presents a summary of your invoiced items, categorized by type of rooms, city tax, and any additional charges. It displays information for both the selected day and the entire month, providing a comprehensive overview.



The DayBook allows you to export all this data into an xlsl file.

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