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Airbnb centralized inbox is a new Amenitiz feature designed to improve your guest interactions, a time-saving in OTAs management, and ensure that messages are not missed, this can lead to a better guest experience and improved reviews. This article will help you understand how to enable this function on your Amenitiz account.

Firstly, you need to have a direct channel manager connection between Amenitiz and Airbnb. Here’s the guide on how to connect Airbnb to the Amenitiz channel manager. Note If you connected with Airbnb and the Amenitiz channel manager after the 1st of June, you already have the necessary permissions for a centralized inbox in place. However, if you connected with the channel manager before the 1st of June, these are the required steps to follow in order to update the Airbnb permissions and benefits of the Airbnb centralized inbox.

This feature is currently available only for Amenitiz users who have set up their AirBnB connections directly and will not work for those using third-party platforms like WuBook.

  1. You need to have the Amenitiz platform open and the Airbnb account open in the same browser
  2. Go to Amenitiz and click on Channel Manager
  3. Click on OTAs
  4. Click on Connect Airbnb
  5. Click on Connect Airbnb at the bottom of the page.
  6. Accept Airbnb permission
  7. Click on Allow
  8. And you are all set now! (11).gif

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