How to automate check-in communications? Send online forms and remote access codes 🔐

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Greetings, hoteliers! 👋

Having a hard time on manually sending all the information to your guests in order to get them to check-in to your property? We have some exciting news that are going to streamline your operations! 🖥️


Introducing: the new communication templates  ✉️

With the powerful integration of Chekin, an external partner working seamlessly with Amenitiz, you can now effortlessly handle essential tasks like sending registration links and remote access codes directly from Amenitiz. The cherry on top? 🍒 You can schedule them to be sent via email or directly through the Airbnb centralized inbox (to make to most out of this tool, take a careful look at this article). 

Let's dive into the steps on how to make this process a breeze! 👇

Check-in EN.gif

As seen in the video, you just need to create a template for your automated emails (check this article for even more details) and insert the corresponding variables. 🤓

To send the check-in link: {{chekin_signup_form_links}}

To send the remote access codes: {{chekin_remote_access_urls}}

❗You can only use these if you have the CheKin app activated in your Amenitiz Marketplace section. Also, don’t forget that the remote access codes are a premium feature that also needs to be activated in your CheKin account. 💸

🛎️ Last, but not least, if you've previously set up automatic emails to request check-in details from Chekin, it's essential that you deactivate this feature. 👇

EN CHEKIN email automatic .gif



That’s it. You’re ready! 💪



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