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Multi-Currency was designed for Hoteliers who have different currencies on OTAs, for example, USD on, and want to use their local currency on their website and booking engine. In order to create a channel manager connection between Booking and Amenitiz, the currency must be the same, both on Amenitiz and This article explains how to enable Amenitiz in one currency and the connection with different OTAs that are set with different currencies.

The initial setting of currency will be done by the onboarding during the training. Remember that once your Amenitiz account is connected with the OTAs, it is not possible to change the currency.

The following steps to add multi-currency for the channel manager connection are:

  1. Go to "Settings"
  2. Click on "Regional Settings"
  3. The currency for the Booking Engine is set automatically with your local currency. (if you wish to change your Booking Engine currency you need to contact our support team)
  4. Choose the Currency exchange for the channel manager (e.g USD)
  5. Add the exchange rate you need (you can use this website to better deal with the rate exchange)
  6. Click "Save"

EN multi currency.gif

Once the multi-currency is set:

  • you will see the reservations in your primary currency, and the price paid by the guest on the OTAs in the booking details. Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 10.03.25.png
  • The payment will work as usual, will transfer your money to your bank account, or you will charge the guest's card or VVC.
  • Reports in Amenitiz will remain in the main currency.

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