How to use iFrame to associate your Booking Engine

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If you have an external website and you need to add your Amenitiz booking engine, you could use an iFrame. In this article, we provide general instructions on how to add an iframe to your booking engine. 

This process might vary depending on the website platform that you use.

What is an iFrame?

An iFrame, short for Inline Frame, is a way to embed one web page within another. They're commonly used for things like adding external ads, videos, or interactive elements to your webpage, such as your booking engine.

Before you start, make sure:

  1. You have access to your website's editing platform (either you or your webmaster).
  2. You have a "Book" button on your website. If not, create one!

Follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your website's editing platform.

    2. Create a new page on your website if needed.
    3. If you don't have a "Book" button, make sure to create one.
    4. Add a new HTML block to your page (the process may vary depending on your platform).
    5. Copy the URL of your Amenitiz booking engine.
    6. Paste the URL into the iFrame code.
    7. Once you have the iFrame's HTML code, paste it into the HTML block you created.
    8. Adjust the width and height settings as needed.
    9. Preview your changes to see how it looks!

There are a lot of websites that offer iframe generators, Here's some: 



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