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Hello, hospitality lovers! 👋

If you've activated the Invoicing Tool on your Amenitiz account, you're in for a treat! 🍭 Get ready to dive into the world of seamless invoicing where you can effortlessly generate and manage the invoices you send to your clients. This article is your golden ticket to understanding the ins and outs of this powerful tool.


Creating Invoices: It's your call! 📅
Whether it's from a reservation, after grouping charges for a client, or independently, you have the power to create invoices your way. Not sure how? Click here for a step-by-step guide on creating invoices.

Where to find your invoices: Admin Area magic! 🧚🏽‍♀️
Once your document is created, head to the Invoices > Invoices tab in your admin area. Here's what you'll discover:


Confused about the meaning of each column? Let me explain 👩🏽‍🏫

 â–ªï¸ Status: Quickly see if the invoice is still in draft form (not issued and you can still edit it), issued (not possible to do any modifications now, the only way is to cancel it), or if it has been canceled.

▪️Payment Status: Stay in the loop with the payment status linked to the invoice—whether it's paid, unpaid, overpaid (the guest paid more than the amount stated on the reservation), or partial (the guest paid only a part of the amount on the reservation).

▪️ Date: Spot the creation date of the invoice at a glance.

▪️ Number: Understand the invoice numbering sequence, and hey, at the start of the year, you can choose to reset or continue with it. 

💡 Pro tip: You need to make the changes before the new year starts❗️Go to invoice company settings to make changes. Follow these steps 👇

INV no EN.gif

Taking into account the example on the video, your invoices sequence number will be INV2024-1, INV2024-2 and so on ✨ If you wish the numbering to start again from 1 in the beginning of the new year, make sure to change this parameter to not overwrite previous invoices. :warning: If you want to proceed with the sequence, don't take any action. 

▪️ Client: Know exactly to which guest the invoice was issued.

▪️ Amount: Get the lowdown on the charges' amount in the invoice.

▪️ Email: If you've got your guest's email, click on send and the invoice goes directly to your client's inbox.

▪️ Options: Dive into the essentials by clicking on the three dots — see the details, download, and even cancel the invoice if needed (check this article to see how you should proceed). 


That’s it. You're all set 💪


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