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Hello there, revenue maestros! 👋

Ready to elevate your pricing strategy? With the PriceAdvisor 14-days trial, you can dive into advanced pricing tools with no risk and the flexibility to cancel anytime - no strings attached. Let’s quickly walk through how to start this exciting journey and how to step back if you need to. 🚀



Summarizing the steps:

▪️ Log into your Amenitiz account. Click on the PriceAdvisor tab on the left menu. 

▪️ A message about our trial will pop up. Click 'Start Free Trial', review all the information about your property, and finally click 'Confirm Subscription'. 

By clicking 'Confirm Subscription' no amount will be charged from your account, you can use the tool for 14 days without spending a penny 😎

✨ Watch as doors to advanced pricing strategies swing open. It’s like being handed the keys to a treasure chest. 💎

Now you ask yourself, how do I use this tool? Don't worry, simply follow the steps described in this article.


🚨 If, sadly, you choose not to continue using PriceAdvisor after the 14-day trial, please remember to cancel your subscription manually. Failing to do so will result in automatic subscription renewal and billing. Here’s how you can cancel 👇 

❌ Cancellation

Cancel trial EN.gif


Summarizing the steps:

▪️ Return to your Amenitiz account and head to the 'Settings' tab on the left menu.

▪️ In the Billing Information section, you'll find the PriceAdvisor trial details. Click on 'End Trial'.👍

It’s as easy as turning off a light switch, but remember, you’re always welcome to subscribe to PriceAdvisor after. 

Why Give It a Try?
🍀No Risk, All Reward: The trial is completely free. It's an opportunity to experiment with advanced pricing strategies with zero cost.

⚡️Empower Your Revenue Strategy: PriceAdvisor could be the secret ingredient to boosting your property’s revenue. Why not test these waters?

💆‍♀️Flexible Commitment: Remember, you have the flexibility to end the trial anytime. It’s all about giving you control and comfort

❗️ This trial applies exclusively to PriceAdvisor. The rest of the Amenitiz platform isn't part of this offer.

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