Simplified operations: the updated Amenitiz menu bar (beta) 🖱️✨

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Greetings, hoteliers! 👋

In the spirit of continuous improvement and driven by our commitment to making your Amenitiz experience as smooth and efficient as possible, we're thrilled to introduce a significant update to our platform's navigation. 🌟 Our left menu bar has been transformed, bringing together numerous key features. This change isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about making your management tasks easier and more intuitive. 🛠️💡


Planning section: all your essentials in one place  📅

Unified management hub: The Planning section now integrates the Calendar, Inventory, Rate Plans, and PriceAdvisor in a single, accessible location. This strategic integration aims to simplify your workflow, granting you easier and more cohesive management capabilities.


Reservations section: guest management made easy 🛎️

The Reservations section has been updated to include the Arrivals, Stayovers, and Departures tabs, formerly part of the Planning section. This reorganisation is geared towards optimising your guests' journey from start to finish.


Housekeeping: a section of its own 🧹

Housekeeping, also formerly part of the Planning section, has its dedicated space, ensuring tasks are managed efficiently and rooms are guest-ready in no time.


Performance section: your data dashboard 📊

Say hello to the new Performance section, which houses the statistics tab previously integrated into the Reports section. Dive into your property’s analytics for insightful decision-making.


What does it look like? 🧐

Get ready to explore these enhancements and discover how they can streamline your daily operations. 🌐 Welcome to a brighter, more efficient Amenitiz experience! ✨


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