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AmenitizPay can be used in multiple ways, and it is possible to use AmenitizPay for the automation of authorisation, so you can automatically hold the amount you want during the booking, based on the rules that you have set.
You will need to set these rules once and AmenitizPay takes care of the rest.


To automate your authorisations, go to AmenitizPay > Settings. Authorisations can be automated for each of your sales terms: so you can edit the authorisations for each sales terms, in euros or in % of the amount of the reservation:


The authorisation gives you the possibility to check the validity of a credit card but also the solvency of your customer, without having debited the account. 
You can debit with the amount you wish if necessary (e.g.: breakage,...)

Authorisations cannot be managed for reservations with virtual credit cards.

If you set up a pre-authorisation and select multiple payment methods in the booking engine > sales terms, the authorisation will be automated only if the guest selects payment by credit card.

The funds will be “held” for 30 days, on the day of arrival at 2am.

You want to capture the pre-authorization?
You can follow our article here.

You will find all the details of your authorisations and their status from the section AmenitizPay > authorisations:



Creating a pre-authorization on an American Express card will automatically charge the card for that amount.

On an authorisation, you have 5 possible statuses :
Schedule: The authorisation has not been authorized yet.
Authorized: The authorisation is active but not captured.
Released: The funds have been released
Captured : You captured the authorisation, totally or partially.
Failed: The authorisation could not be held (for example: insufficient funds, ..)
Cancelled: The authorisation has been cancelled before being authorized

The authorisation's visibility depends on the guest's bank account. Some guests may not see it, while others will see it listed in their transactions, but not categorized as a debit. ❗️

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