AmenitizPay commissions and invoices

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This article gives you all the information on AmenitizPay commissions, and where to find your commissions invoices.


1. AmenitizPay commissions

When creating the AmenitizPay account, no subscription or registration fee is required, access to AmenitizPay is included in your subscription Amenitiz.

Commissions will be applied on payments made from travelers to the owner, and on captured authorisations.

No commission will be applied on refunds to travelers, or on authorisations if they are not captured.

SEPA Bank Transfer commissions

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 12.39.43.png

If you do not have a VAT number in your account settings, the VAT will be added to the AmenitizPay commissions.


2. AmenitizPay invoices

You can find your commissions invoices directly in the Settings > Billing information section of your Amenitiz admin, they will be generated every month:


In the invoice, you will find 1 line per payment. Each line is linked to the payment ID, that you can also find in the AmenitizPay > Transactions tab of your admin, with the details of the transaction: the amount of the reservation, and the commission applied to this transaction.

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