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It is possible to use AmenitizPay for the automation of payments so you can automatically charge your guests based on the rules that you have set. You will need to set these rules once and AmenitizPay takes care of the rest.


In order to activate AmenitizPay for the booking engine, go to AmenitizPay > Settings.

Payments can be automated for each of your sales terms: 


You can schedule the automated payment at booking, x days before the check-in or x days before the check-out.

For example, let's say you have two different types of sales terms: the standard sales terms and the non-refundable sales term for which you want to assign different payments rules.
Standard sales terms: Charge 75% at booking, and the remaining 25% five days before the check-in
Non refundable sales terms: Charge 100% at booking

Once that is done, your payments will be automatically charged based on the rules for all the bookings booked with those sales terms.

Amenitizpay supports payements with GooglePay and ApplePay.

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