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This article explains you when you will receive the payouts from AmenitizPay, and which reservations they correspond to.
  1. Frequency of payouts
    AmentizPay payouts are sent to the bank account you gave when creating the account AmenitizPay.
    The money will be transferred to your bank account every Wednesday. Depending on your bank, you will receive it either on the upcoming Friday or Monday.
    These payouts will include all transactions made from Monday, at midnight to the previous Monday, at midnight.
    For example, on Wednesday January 26, the payout will be sent to your bank with the payments made from Monday January 17 at midnight, to Monday January 24 at midnight.

  2. Details of payout amounts
    The payouts include all the transactions of the week: payments made and captured authorizations, minus previous refunds if any. To this amount will be applied AmenitizPay commissions, the amount of payouts is then the sum of transactions, minus commissions.

Click here to see the details of AmenitizPay commissions.

You will find the details of your past payouts from your Amenitiz account, in the section AmenitizPay > payouts. You will also find the amount you will receive for your next payout.

You will find in this same section your reconciliation report next to each payout, which allows you to know which reservations correspond to the weekly payout made by Amenitiz :


Here is an example of a reconciliation of payments report:Screenshot_2022-05-13_at_10.13.58.png

In the report, you fill find this information:

Invoice linked Payment date Payout ID Client name Payment type Card type Card issuing country Booking id Payment ID Gross amount Commissions Fee Net amount

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