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This article explains you how AmenitizPay is verifying the credit cards on the reservations.


The verification is made when the credit card is added on the reservation or when the reservation is received, here are the tthree possible situations:

    1. Credit cards added manually
      When adding manually a credit card on a reservation, the card will be instantly verified and you will be notified if it is fraudulent or invalid.

    2. Credit cards sent from an OTA ( and Expedia only)
      If you use AmenitizPay for OTAs, then you will receive on your reservations the credit cards sent by the OTA. No matter how valid the card is, it will always be recorded on your reservation.

      If an authentication is required on the guest side, the guest will receive an SMS or an email to validate the purchase.

      If the card is refused, you will receive an email notifying you that the card is invalid with the details of the reservation concerned, the reason why the card was declined and a solution proposed to proceed with the payment.
      If a payment fails, you will receive the same email with the reservation concerned, the reason why the payment failed and a proposed solution.

    3. Credit cards from your booking engine
      The credit cards are verified when doing the reservation, if the credit card is not valid then the reservation will nor be done.

Here our help article explaining how to activate AmenitizPay on your account!

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