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You can add some amenities to an accommodation, to do so you have to add these amenities to your account, and then select it in the information of the accommodation. This article guides you on the steps to follow to show the amenities available in your rooms.


First, go to > Property > Amenities, where you'll be able to add new amenities on your Amenitiz account. They will then be visible on the amenities list of your accommodations.


In order to add amenities to an accommodation, simply go to > Property in the sidebar of your administrator area, then go to > Accommodations. All your existing accommodations will be displayed.

In order to add your amenities:

  1. Click on the three small dots and > Edit room
  2. Scroll down to the Room amenities section
  3. Tick the amenities you wish to add from the list


Do not forget to click on > Save at the bottom of the page.

These amenities will be visible on the website and booking engine only, this information is not sent to the OTAs.

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