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You can give the information of check-in and check-out time of your property to your clients, this article explains how to add this information.


If you want to set your check-in and check-out time as well as give instructions, go to > Property in your administrator area, then go to > Check-in/out:


  1. Arrival and departure time: You can decide if you want to show a check-in and check-out time to your guests and define the exact time:

    This information is for your whole Amenitiz account, you cannot set up check-in hours per accommodation. If you need to set different hours, you can hide this information and fill in the instructions.

  2. Automatic check-out: you can automatize the check-out for your bookings by setting a given time of the day

  3. Instructions: You can decide if you want to show check-in and check-out instructions to your guests and define those instructions. Do not forget to do it for each language you activated on your website by clicking on the language icon

Don’t forget to click on > Save to update the information.

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