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Sales terms will allow you to set up some rules regarding your booking engine and your payments. This article guides you through the creation of sales terms for your direct bookings coming from your booking engine.

To access the sales terms simply click on > Booking Engine in the sidebar of your Amenitiz administrator area. A submenu will appear below, click on the > Sales terms:Screenshot 2021-09-17 at 16.45.48.png

You will find here an overview of the conditions and sales terms you have created so far. By default, sales terms were created to be linked to the standard rate.
To create new sales terms, simply click on > New, and to modify existing sales terms, just click on the three dots under options and "edit".Screenshot_2021-09-17_at_16.55.51.png

Then you will be able to edit the name and description, modification and cancellation policy, and payment methods. You will also be able to attach a PDF if you want to, it will be sent to your clients attached to the email confirmation.

  1. Modification policy: If you allow a booking to be modified, you can indicate the terms and conditions under which you accept this change:Screenshot_2021-09-17_at_18.26.19.png

  2. Cancellation policy: If you allow a booking to be cancelled, you will be able to indicate the terms and conditions under which you accept this cancellation:Screenshot_2021-09-17_at_18.27.17.png

The description, modification, and cancellation policy will be accepted when the client is booking on your booking engine, and this information will also appear on the automated confirmation email the client will receive after booking.

If you have AmenitizPay, these terms and conditions will be accepted by your guests on manual reservations too as explained here.

If a client has to modify or cancel a reservation, they will have to contact you directly and you will be able to make the changes on the reservation, depending on what you set up on the sales terms.

Do not forget to click on > Save at the right bottom button to save all your changes.

Please note that sales terms created in Amenitiz apply to your direct bookings only, sales terms are not sent to OTAs.

Please be reminded that the translation is not automatic, you will have to do it manually for each language you activated.

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