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Set up your rate plans, and control your prices and your restrictions.


Here is an explicative video on how to create a rate plan:

In order to create a rate plan, go to the Booking Engine section and click on Pricing.


From here, you will be able to see all your rate plans, create new ones, as well as edit and delete existing ones.

You have the option in each pricing plan of:

  • Managing prices
  • Managing restrictions: minimum and maximum stay, and closed to arrivals or departures, for a specific day

There are two types of rate plans:

  • Independent rate plans: completely independent from other plans, they have their own price and restrictions.
  • Derived rate plans: they are dependent on an autonomous plan. They can have either derived prices or derived restrictions or both.
    Example: you can create a Standard Breakfast plan that will have the same restrictions as your Standard plan, but for which you create a derived price of 5 euros more expensive, because breakfast is included.

A rate plan can only derive from an autonomous rate plan. You cannot derive a rate plan from another derived rate plan.

Creating a rate plan

To create a new rate plan, click > Create a new pricing.


You will be redirected to the creation form.

    1. Name and description:


      This section allows you to 
      define the name of your rate plan, and its description. These are mandatory fields. Warning, this information will be visible to the customer. Don't forget to fill in these fields in all active languages.

    2.  Rate plan settings:


      In this section, you can determine what sales terms will be applied to your rate plan. Your sales term has to be created in the Sales Term section beforehand, on the Sales Conditions section in the Booking Engine menu.
      You can choose to display this price on your Amenitiz website. If you decide not to display it, it will be a dedicated OTA pricing plan. You can also define which meals are included in this price (full board, breakfast...).

    3. Price settings:


      You are able to choose whether you rate plan will have a pricing that is independent or derived. Deriving prices from an existing price plan: If the price is derived, you must choose from which plan it will be derived and under what conditions. You can choose whether it will be more or less expensive (in % or in absolute value).

      If you choose to derive your price, your price plan will not be editable day by day on your inventory. The only way to modify it will be to modify the plan from which it is derived.

      Example: I have a plan (called standard rate) with prices at 100€ per night. I want to create a plan derived from this standard rate, and increase the prices by 20€.


      This means that if I change the prices of the original plan (standard rate) to 150€ for each night, then the derived plan prices will increase to 150 + 20 = 170€ per night. The link between a derived plan and an original plan remains dynamic.

      It is by selecting Reduced / free nights in the drop-down menu that you can offer discounts according to the length of stay of the reservation.

      Create independent pricing: If you want a plan with independent pricing, choose the option No, I want it to be independent...

      To change the prices of a plan with independent (non-derived) pricing, simply go to your inventory. Select the plan you wish to modify, and click Bulk update. You can then apply the changes you want to your plan pricing calendar.

    4. Restrictions settings: 
      The same logic applies to the restrictions settings.


      Derive restrictions from an existing plan:
      you can derive the restrictions of your plan from the restrictions of an existing plan. You will have to enter the plan from which you want to derive the restrictions in the drop-down menu.

      Create independent restrictions: you can also decide that your plan will have its own schedule of restrictions by selecting the option No, I want this plan to have a new schedule of restrictions.

      To change the restrictions of a plan with independent (non-derived) restrictions, simply go to your inventory. Select the plan you want to change, and choose Bulk Update. You can then apply the changes you want to your plan price schedule.

    5. OTA link: 
      You can then decide to link your rate plan to one or more OTAs.

      The connection to the OTA is not automatic. Choosing which OTA you want to link is simply to see in your inventory which rate plan is linked to which OTA. Our team will still have to do the connection for you


    6. Promo-code: 
      This allows you to restrict access to this price plan to customers to whom you have shared a code. If you enable this option, your customers will be able to enter a promo-code in the booking engine to access this special price plan.


    7. Room settings: 
      Here you select which rooms you would like to apply these prices.


      In the case of a derived plan, only the rooms affected by the original plan can be selected.

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