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Create a rate to set specific prices sent to the OTA


  1. First, create a new rate plan. For more information about create a rate plan, visit this article.
    In order to create a rate plan, go to the Booking Engine section and click on Pricing, then click on Create a new pricing.


  2. Choose a name and a description for your new rate. Then, in the Rate plan settings, after selecting the Sales Term you want to apply to your new rate, select "No" in the section "Show on Amenitiz", so that this OTA rate plan will not be displayed on your Booking Engine.


  3. Set up the price settings
    Decide if you want your plan to be independent or derived from an existing rate plan


    By activating the option "independent plan", you will have to manage the exact price that will be sent to the OTA from your Inventory. In this case, do not forget to go to > Inventory to set the prices you want to send to the OTA.

    If you decide to have a "derived plan" you will link this rate to an existing independent plan.
    In the Pricing Rules settings you will be able to set an automatic increase/decrease from this rate, and you won't be able to manage the prices directly from the Inventory. The increase/decrease you apply will be the default setting.

    The same logic applies for your plan restrictions, in the Link to a restriction plan section. You can choose to have your OTA rate plan restriction derived from an existing rate plan.

  4. In the Link this pricing to an OTA section, click "Yes" and select the OTA you want your rate plan to be connected with.


    The connection to the OTA is not automatic. Choosing which OTA you want to link is simply to see in your inventory which rate plan is linked to which OTA. Our team will still have to do the connection for you

  5. Finally, select the rooms you want to include in your rate plan, and save.



    Please note that Promo-codes, and Specific price for children are options only available on your Booking Engine. As such, it is not possible to use these options when connecting a rate plan to an OTA

Once your new OTA rate is created, please contact us to complete the connection with the OTA.

 More information about direct connection with Airbnb here





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