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The booking engine is an essential part of your website enabling you to automate and increase direct bookings. Having a booking engine on your website will make you less dependent on OTAs. This article provides valuable information on how effectively customize your booking engine.

To customize your booking engine follow these steps:

    1. Go to Booking Engine
    2. Click on "Setting"


The settings page is divided into two main sections: Design and Options.

What can you customize in these two sections?


  1. Custom message: personalize a message that will appear when there is no availability from your website. This message can provide information such as the options for contact details.



    Here is the default message that appears on your booking engine before customizing it:



    To update or add the phone number shown in the default message, navigate to the "Property > General" section. There, you will have the option to modify or enter the desired phone number.

    The translations in different languages are not automatic, so do not forget to manually add your message in all the other languages you activated on your website.

  2. Booking-engine design: You can personalize the looking of your booking engine page by uploading an image and you can set it whether as a background or cover.
  3. Screenshot



    It is recommended to use pictures and colors that are similar to your website to create a visually appealing and reliable booking experience. The recommended size for the cover image is 1350x270 pixels. The picture you upload whether cover or background will be as well in the confirmation email.

  4. Date picker model: Select the preferred calendar date picker for your booking engine. You have two options; Date Range Picker which displays the current month and the following month, along with occupied dates and the minimum and/or maximum stay requirement Date Picker only shows the current month.


  5. Main Colour: You can customize the main color for your booking engine page, for the background and buttons.  Screenshot


This is in another section within the settings where you can customize functionalities for your booking engine; to capture the guest's full address, the number of people you want to appear in the selector of your booking engine and limit new bookings past a certain date.

  1. Guest Address Capture: you can choose if you want to capture the full address of your guest. The mandatory fields are the name, surname, email address, phone number, and country. By choosing the full address, the guest will also fill in the address, zip code, and city.


  2. Selector for N. of People: You can customize the number of people selector, you can define the range or limit of number of guests to be displayed. It will only have a cosmetic effect and it will not allow guests to select more people than your property's capacity.Screenshot
  3. Limiting new Bookings: you can restrict on accepting bookings beyond a certain date. This feature allows you to avoid last-minute bookings. You can find here an article on how to prevent bookings from a certain time of day and how to allow overbooking.



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