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You have the possibility to propose your clients gift cards to buy on your booking engine. This article explains how to create a gift card.

To do so, you just have to go to 
> Booking engine > Gift cards:

You need to activate AmenitizPay on your Amenitiz account to be able to propose gift cards. Property Manager type will not have the option of Gift cards. 

Here, you will find all your gift cards. To create some, click on > New gift card:

You must now fill in the following fields on your gift card:

  • Name and description
  • The amount
  • Period of validity (in months)
  • An assigned image

The name, description, and the photo will be seen by the buyer of the gift card only, on the booking engine.

The gift cards will appear on your booking engine:


The principle of the gift card:

When creating a gift card, you will set a price which correspond to an amount the receiver can use to book on the booking engine. The gift card will be used as a payment method to confirm the reservation.

Example: if you create a 100€ gift card, the receiver can spend 100€ on the BE as they want with at least 1 accommodation (+ extras if they want to add extras on the reservation).

Why proposing gift cards on the booking engine?

    • Cash flow: you can generate income the whole year since the money is transferred by AmenitizPay every week.
    • Giving the possibility to offer stays in your property without choosing dates in advance or a predetermined activity.

    • Avoid the risk of customer default as the booking will be fully paid through AmenitizPay before the traveller’s check-in.

    • No third party service provider generating the gift cards.

    • Attract new customers looking for gift cards, and retain existing customers who can buy gift cards for someone else after their stay.


You can create a menu on your website on which you can present the gift cards you propose. Click here to see how to create a new menu!

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