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When gift cards are created, the clients are then able to buy them on the booking engine. This article explains you how clients can buy the gift cards, and how to use them.


  1. Buying a gift card
    Gift cards can be bought on the booking engine only, here is an example of the path to purchase on the booking engine:

    The customer who buys a gift card will have the possibility to send it directly to a friend, by email. This is what it will look like:

    Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 08.53.00.png

    With each purchase, the payer will receive a confirmation email for the gift card and payment (with a reminder of the card amount and expiration date) and, if applied, a copy of the email to the recipient of the gift card containing all the information necessary to use the card.

    Once the gift card has been bought, you will receive it on your Amenitiz extranet, in the section > Reservations > Gift Cards:

    From this section, you can find your current gift cards. By clicking on "details" you will have access to the updated information of the gift card (validity date, remaining amount), as well as the reservation(s) on which the gift card has been used:

    Once the total amount of the card has been used up, it will no longer appear in the Reservations > Gift Cards tab.

  2. Using a gift card
    There are two ways to use a gift card, the receiver can use it on the booking engine by entering the code of the gift card:

    A customer can use the gift card on several bookings

    The owner can also register a gift card payment on a booking, by simply going to the "Payments" section of the booking details, clicking on "Log payment", selecting the payment method "Client voucher" and entering the code of the gift card received by e-mail. it is useful in case your client is calling you to book a stay with a gift card.

  3. Terms, conditions, and payment

    - For the customer: once the gift card has been purchased, it cannot be deleted, canceled or refunded. The amount of the card cannot be updated. It is not possible to combine multiple gift cards for the same reservation.

    - When an unused card reaches its expiry date, the amount is no longer valid and no refund can be made. You have indeed the possibility to change the validity period of a specific gift card going into the client sheet, in vouchers > edit voucher:

    - You can modify gift card settings for future cards without affecting already purchased ones. For example, increasing the amount of a "Valentine's Day" gift card will only apply to future purchases, not past ones.

    If a reservation exceeds the gift card balance, the remaining amount can be paid using available payment methods

    - If card-only payment is accepted, the payment sales terms will apply. Generating an invoice from a gift card will have 0% VAT and no additional items can be added since it's a paid invoice.

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