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A rate plan associated with a promo code will only be visible to clients you share the code with. This is a good way to offer a special price to selected clients via social media or emailing for example.


  1. In order to create a rate plan go to the Booking Engine section and click on Pricing.


    For more information regarding how to create a rate plan, visit this article.

  2. In the Promo-code / Coupons section, select "Yes, I want to show this pricing only to guests with a promo-code", and chose a Promo-code to share with your client:


  3. Once a rate plan including a promo-code is created, the "Promo Code" field will be displayed on the Booking Engine:


    By entering the promo code while doing a search, the related rate will be displayed in the search results

The Promo-code option is only available for direct reservations. It will not be synchronized to OTAs.
By default, all rate plans are set to closed. T
o open this one, please follow the steps in this article.

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