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When creating a new sales term, by default, they will not be linked to any pricing or promotion. You have the possibility to link specific sales terms to specific pricing and promotions. This article explains how to link a sales term to a rate plan or to a promotion.

Once the new sales term is created, you can create the new pricing or promotion, or modify it to link it to the new sales term.

  1. The rate plan
    Go to Booking engine > Pricing tab and create or modify your rate plan. In the promotion settings, you can link the sales terms you want to link:link_sales_terms_to_rate_plan.gif

  2. The promotion
    Go to Booking engine > Promotions tab and create or modify your promotion. In the rate plan settings, you can link the sales terms you want to link:link_sales_terms_to_promo.gif

Then, if a client is booking at a non-cancellable rate plan or promotion on the Booking Engine, they will book and pay following the rules set up in the non-cancellable sales terms.

Following this logic, you can create specific sales terms linked to specific rate plans or promotions, if you don't have the same modification or cancellation policy for all your pricing for example.

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