Where clients see the Sales Terms?

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Sales terms are useful for the direct reservations on your booking engine: when reserving on your website, clients will see and accept on your Sales terms set up in your Amenitiz extranet. This article explains where clients can see and consult your sales terms.

On the booking engine, clients will be able to click on the sales terms to view them, and they will have to accept them to make their reservation:Where_clients_see_the_Sales_Terms__EN.gif

If you are using AmenitizPay, clients will see the payment rules below the sales terms:Screenshot_2021-09-20_at_12.14.36.png

After the reservation: If you have AmenitizPay, theses terms and conditions will be accepted by your guests on manual reservations as explained here.
When clients finished their reservation, they will receive a confirmation email with a summary of their reservation. In this email, they will also see the sales terms they accepted, here is an example of this automated email:


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