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When creating extras, it is possible to sort them by categories. It is only internal, it allows you to sort them more easily in the charges report. This article explains how to sort extras by categories and why doing it. It can be useful if you have many extra charges in your list, with restaurant extras for example!


To access your extra categories and therefore being able to add more, go to > Booking Engine in the sidebar of your Amenitiz administrator area. A submenu will appear below, click on > Extra charges and go to "Your categories" section:Screenshot_2021-09-20_at_15.02.34.png

Now, you will be able to regroup your extras by customized categories. To create a category, go to > Create new category:Screenshot_2021-09-20_at_15.05.47.png

You will be able to choose a name and which extras you want to group into this category. Those can be changed at any time:Screenshot_2021-09-20_at_15.14.15.png

You can also associate this category with a tag. Adding this tag allows you to associate this specific category of extras into reports.

For now, you can only associate the tag "breakfast" and "Restaurant". This will make all the extras associated with this category to appear on the Breakfast or Restaurant report (that you can find on > Reports > Reports).

Once you applied the changes, do not forget to click on > Save at the bottom of the page.

You can either create your extras and then create your categories, or create your categories and you will be then able to link your extras with the proper category, from the extra creation page.

When the categories are created, when downloading the charges report, you will be able to filter the charges per category on Excel.

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