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This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to add new extra charges. You have the flexibility to create extra charges, which can be offered to your clients during the reservation process. These extras can enhance the booking experience and allow you to add new charges to reservations.
  • Here is a video explaining how to create and manage your extras:

    The steps to follow in order to create a new extra are:

      1. Go to Booking Engine
      2. Click on "Extra"
      3. Click on "Add a new extra



    Create the new extra:

    1. Fill in the information of name and description of the extra [they are mandatory fields]
    2. If you created categories, you can link the extra to a specific category [here’s an article about how to create and manage categories]
    3. Choose the price calculation method [fixed amount or percentage]
    4. Determinate whether the price is calculated per article or per guest
    5. Configure settings according to your requirements: [apply automatically: the extra will be added automatically to every new reservation], [Manual Quantity: allow customers to select the desired amount themselves].
    6. Manage the availability of the extra: [Limit access to specific accommodations or rate plans] [Apply extra once or every day] and [set restrictions for specific days]
    7. Set prior notice if the extra needs to be booked in advance.
    8. Restrict the extra to a specific date or period if needed.
    9. Indicate the applicable Vat rate.
    10. Click on “Save” to update all settings for the extra.



    When you finished creating your extras, you can have a view of how it appears from your booking engine, click here to see how to make design tests on it before it is launched.

    The extras created on Amenitiz will not be sent to the OTA, if you need the same extras on the OTA you have to create them on the OTA side!

  • To add a new extra from the application, follow the next steps:

    1. You can first log in to your application.
    2. Click on the reservation, either from the “activity” tab or from the "calendar" tab.
    3.  Click on "Add an extra":

    4.  Add your extra. Only extras already added to your Amenitiz account can be selected.
      Choose to only update the charges on the reservation, or to also process the payment for this extra:
    5. If you chose to process the payment, this page will open:
      You can click on the payment option you want and make your payment.

    6. Your reservation will be updated with this new extra.

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