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It is possible to create a mandatory extra which will be automatically applied to all the reservations for the accommodation(s) and rate plan(s) linked to this extra. This article guides you on how to make a mandatory extra on the reservations, like mandatory cleaning fees.


To access your extras and therefore be able to make it mandatory upon booking, go to > Booking Engine in the sidebar of your Amenitiz administrator area. A submenu will appear below, click on > Extra charges:Screenshot_2021-09-20_at_15.39.55.png

Here, you have an overview of all the extras you have created so far. Now, click on "Edit" on the extra you wish to be mandatory, or click on "Create new extra":Screenshot_2021-09-21_at_12.30.15.png

To make your extra mandatory, you just need to go in the settings and to apply this extra automatically > yes:Screenshot_2021-09-21_at_12.40.13.png

Click here to see how to create for example mandatory cleaning fees.

When booking on the booking engine, the client will see the mandatory extras above the optional extras:


If you add the reservation manually from your Amenitiz Extranet, you will be able to keep or remove this mandatory extra when creating the reservation:Screenshot_2021-09-21_at_12.53.02.png


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