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If a reservation does not have the right price, you can change it without adding new charges or discounts. This article explains how to modify the price of a reservation.


If a reservation comes from an OTA, it will not be possible to modify the price of a reservation. You can do it from Amenitiz for reservations added manually and coming from the booking engine only.

To do so, go to > Reservations in your Amenitiz administrator area left sidebar.

Once here, you will find all your bookings. Click on the booking you wish to modify and on "view booking details" :


Edit accommodation: you can  modify the price by going in the summary of the reservation, and on the three dots on "Edit accommodation":


Changing the price of the reservation will update the total amount in the payments section, but the payments made or upcoming payments through AmenitizPay will not be updated automatically. Find out how to charge a card if you added a new charge, or how to refund a client if you deleted or cancelled a charge.

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