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  • To make the management of the reservations easier, it is possible to add several types of comments on the reservations. These comments will not be visible to the clients, only users of your Amenitiz account who have access to the reservations. This article explains how to add and see comments on your reservations.


    To find your bookings, go to > Reservations in your Amenitiz administrator area left sidebar.

    Click on the booking you wish to modify and on "view booking details" :


    Then, go to "Stay info" section:


    You have here 3 options to leave a comment:

      1. Client comment: This comment will be associated with your clients' sheet / email address. Therefore, if this client books again in the future, this comment will always be visible by you.
        Example: the client likes having a coffee in the morning.

      2. Reservation comment: This comment will be associated with this specific booking and not to the clients' sheet. It is relevant if you want to indicate a specific request.
        Example: reservation from Wonderbox.
      3. Room comment: This comment will be associated with a specific room. If the booking has several rooms booked, you can therefore here precise for each room a specific bedding option, for example. This comment will be shown on the housekeeping report.
        Example: an extra bed to prepare

    If you check your bookings on the > Planning section, client and reservation comments will pop-up on your booking details without having to click on it.

    You can also see the reservation comments from the reservation tab:

Screenshot_2021-09-29_at_17.40.41.png To activate comments here, you only need to go to the settings section, and > advanced settings > Show comments on the reservation page "yes".add_comment.gif

  • You can view and add comments in the reservation directly from the mobile App (12).gif

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