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When clients are booking on your website, you will automatically receive the reservation on your Amenitiz planning. This article summarizes the information you will receive on the reservations coming from your booking engine.


  1. Doing the reservation on the booking engine
    When the clients are booking, they will add the dates of the stay, then the rooms, select extras, add their information and choose their payment method:

    When the reservation is confirmed, the client and the owner will receive a confirmation email with the details of the reservation.

  2. The details of the reservation:
    You will find the new reservation on your planning and reservation sections.
    You will receive at least the first name, last name, email address, phone number and country. Click here to see how to ask for the full address of the clients as well.

    Payments: if the client paid by credit card, you will receive the credit card of the client and you will have access to the numbers and the CVC. If the total amount of the reservation is automatized by AmenitizPay, everything will be processed and logged automatically. Otherwise, you can log the payments from the payments' section of the reservation.

    Comments: If a client leaves a comment when doing their reservation, you will have access to this comment on the summary of the reservation, on "guest request".

    Modification and cancellation: if the guest wants to cancel their reservation, they will have to contact you so that you can update the dates of stay and proceed the payment or refund.

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