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You may need to export your invoices, you can export them in PDF format or export an Excel list. This article explains how to export your invoices. You can export both invoices and estimates from your Amenitiz account, in the same way.


To export an invoice as a PDF, simply click on > Invoices in the sidebar of your Amenitiz administrator space.

A sub-menu will appear, click on > Invoices to access the invoices page:


  1. Export in PDF format

    Click on the three small dots on the right of the invoice you which to export and click on > Download as PDF to export an invoice in PDF format:

    If you want to export several invoices in PDF at the same time, select > Invoices export:Screenshot_2021-10-01_at_12.01.01.png
    You will be able to select a date range, and you will receive your invoices through email

  2. Excel list of the invoices
    You can choose the invoices you want, and select > Invoices list

    You will obtain a list of your invoices under an Excel file format.

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