Create VAT rates for the charges of the invoices

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You have the possibility to create different customized VAT rates, that you will use to add them when creating invoices or estimates with free fields charges.


  1. Create the VAT for the rooms and extras
    To make the VAT of the rooms and extras appear on the invoices, you can add it directly from the room next to the default price, or at the end of the extra creation.

  2. Create the VAT in free field
    To create a VAT rate, simply click on > Settings in the sidebar of your Amenitiz administrator area. Then click on > Taxes tab:

    You will arrive by default on your city tax settings, click on > VAT tab to access VAT settings.

    You will be able to create a VAT rate by simply clicking on > New VAT:

    Once you set your VAT rate, simply click on > Save.

    Now you are able to choose the VAT rates recorded when you add a new charge in a free field on your invoices or estimates:


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