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Clients may ask you for invoices for their reservations, or you may need to generate new invoices in general. This article explains how to create an invoice, from a reservation or not.

Generate an invoice from a reservation: simply go to > Reservations in the sidebar of your Amentiz administrator area. Simply select the reservation for which you want to generate an invoice by clicking on > View booking details:


By clicking on it, a vertical banner will appear on the right side of your screen. Go to > Invoices tab:

Click on > Generate an invoice to start creating your invoice.

You can then choose if you want the stayer or the client to appear on the invoice:
By clicking on "Add client info", you can add any information you want on the client which will appear on the invoice. On the left you can add a new label, and on the right the value. For example, the label can be "employee name" and the value "Juan Dupont" in the case the client is a company with an employee staying in the room that night.Screenshot_2022-05-18_at_15.15.32.png
You will have the details of the payments and refunds registered in the reservation, and the details of the charges of the reservation. From here, you can choose one or several payments, and one or several charges per invoice.
For example, here I am creating an invoice for the room, and I will create another invoice for the pizza with the corresponding payments:
Screenshot_2022-05-19_at_10.59.11.pngYou can also choose to add only part of a payment to the invoice.
If you want all the payments and charges to be registered in 1 invoice, you only have to put a tick in all the payments and charges before generating the invoice.

If 100% of the payments have not been registered yet, you will be able to edit the invoice, adding and removing items:
Then, you can "finish the edition" and "approve the draft", send it by mail, and record a payment on this invoice.
If 100% of the payments have been registered, then the invoice will not be editable anymore.

In the booking details, in the invoice tab, you can see which payments and transactions are linked to which invoices.

Screenshot 2023-08-09 at 17.24.43.png

Create an invoice independently of a reservation: go to the tab > Invoices > Invoices and click on > New. You will have to enter your Client's name, add client info if needed, and then add each item you want to associate to this invoice:Create_and_cancel_an_invoice.gif
You will then be able to "approve the draft" of the invoice, and then to send it by mail, and to record a payment on this invoice.

With this method, it will not be possible to link this invoice with a reservation.

You can choose to generate detailed or simplified invoices, click here to see how to manage these modes.

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