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You can create emails which will be automatically sent to your clients. This article talks about the general information of automated email.


There is a difference between confirmation emails, and automated emails sent after the reservation is confirmed.

  1. Confirmation email
    The confirmation email is sent to customers who booked on the booking engine only.
    Clients who booked on the OTAs will receive the confirmation email from the OTA they booked on.

    Email language is determined by the country selection made by your customers, as well as the availability of translations in that particular language.

    For reservations added manually, by default this email will not be sent. If needed, you can send this email from the reservation

    Please note that when you add the manual reservation, if you don't pick the country of your customer, the automatic email will be with your default language.

    The confirmation email will be sent automatically after every reservation coming from the booking engine, with the details of the reservation and a reminder of the sales terms.
    Here is an example of a confirmation email:

    The photo or colour appearing at the top of the automated emails is the photo or the colour you added when creating the design of your booking engine. Click here to see how to change the photo of your booking engine.

  2. Automated emails
    The emails you create from settings > emails will be sent to clients who booked from the booking engine and from the OTAs connected by the channel manager by default. If you choose to send them to reservations added manually, then these emails will be sent to all your reservations.

The emails created will be sent to upcoming reservations only: if you receive a reservation on 11/03 and create an automated email on 12/03 this email cannot be sent.
If you change the content of an email, the new content will be sent to your reservations, even the reservations taken before the day the email have been changed. But the changes on the configuration (X days before arrival, selecting the rooms, sending it to manual reservations) will be taken into account for future reservations only.

Note that if there is no email address on the reservation, for example if an OTA did not send this information, the emails cannot be sent.

If you choose to an email Room A, but not Room B and receive a booking that contains both the rooms, the email will be sent anyway.

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