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You may want to be connected to a new reservation platform with the channel manager, before launching the connection with this OTA there are some prerequisites to do on the Amenitiz account so that the connection can be effective. This article guides you on the modifications to do on your accounts before launching a new connection.
  1. Create an account and the accommodations on the OTA
    Your account has to be created on the OTA first, and then you will have to create your accommodations on this account. The announces need to follow the same structure as the one you set up on your Amenitiz account.
    For example, if you have 5 rooms in 1 annouce ( <=> 1 room with 5 units) on Amenitiz, you have to do the same on the OTA side. For Airbnb, you can create the add only and the stock will be sent during the connection. If you have 4 rooms created in 4 different announces in Amenitiz, you have to do the same on the OTA side.

    Only OTA of this list can be connected to the channel manager.
    If you create an account on an OTA which is not on this list, you will be able to synchronize the calendars through iCal links.

  2. If the OTA is set up the pricing per person on the OTA
    Once the rooms have been created on the OTA, if you have a pricing per person (you can verify it from your Amenitiz account on Property > accommodations) you need to set it up on

  3. Create a rate plan for this OTA
    If you want to send a price different from the one of your booking engine, you can create a rate plan for this specific OTA.
    You can also choose to use the same pricing for several OTA (example an OTA rate plan)

    The number of rate plans you have on your OTA and on your booking engine has to be the same: If you have several rate plans on your OTA (a standard and a non-refundable for example), its correspondence has to be created on Amenitiz so that it can be linked during the connection.

    Otherwise, these rate plans cannot be connected to the channel manager and the reservations taken on this rate plan will not be sent to Amenitiz.

    On, you can see these rate plans from the section Rates and availabilities > Rate plans. Make sure that all the rate plans are XML: they all need to be managed from your calendar / your previous channel manager, and not "**% lower/higher than the standard rate".

  4. The calendars
    When creating your account on this new OTA, except for OpenPro or Smartbox, you don't need to fill in all your seasonalities or restrictions on the calendar of the OTA since this information will be sent from your Amenitiz inventory during the connection.

  5. Launching the connection
    Once the OTA and Amenitiz are ready, it is time to launch the connection. If you want to connect with Airbnb you can do it directly from your Amenitiz account. For all the other connections which can be done with the channel manager, contact our support so that they can launch the connection on their side.

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