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You may want to propose new pricing on the OTA. When creating this new rate plan on the OTA, the connection to the channel manager has to be updated by our support team: if a rate plan is not connected to the channel manager, the reservations made on this rate plan will not be sent to Amenitiz.
This article guides you on the modifications to do before connecting the new rate plan.
  1. Add the rate plan for this OTA and on Amenitiz
    Make sure that you created the correspondence of the rate plan by creating the pricing on Amenitiz.Connect_a_new_rate_plan_with_the_channel_manager.gif

    On, make sure that all the rate plans are XML from the section Rates and availabilities > Calendar: they all need to be managed from your calendar / your previous channel manager, and not "**% lower/higher than the standard rate".

  2. The inventory
    If the rate plan for this OTA is not linked to another rate plan, make sure that you set up your prices, restrictions, and pricing opening or closing on the inventory for this accommodation.

  3. Updating the connection
    Once the rate plans are ready, it is time to add the new rate plan to the connection. You need to contact our support so that they can update the connection on their side.

On Airbnb, only 1 rate plan can be created, thus only 1 rate plan can be linked to Airbnb. You can still create promotions on the side of the OTA.

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