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It is possible to connect an Amenitiz account to the OTA OpenPro, if your property is offered at the local Tourist Office for example. In this case, we are able to connect through Open Pro - Alliance Réseaux. As the preparation of this connection is a bit different, this article explains how to prepare your OpenPro account for the connection to the channel manager.


Once the account is listed for connection on OpenPro side, here are the prerequisites:

  1. Number of accommodations
    The number of accommodations on OpenPro has to be the same as the number of accommodations you have on Amenitiz. If you have less accommodations on OpenPro, you can create your announce on OpenPro and hide it from the website.

    All the accommodations have to be on one OpenPro account as well since we can only connect one OpenPro account with Amenitiz.
  2. Stock management
    The OpenPro account has to be in “stock management” so that we can do the connection. You can do it from your OpenPro planning, or ask your OpenPro contact to do it on your account or to the support.

  3. Prices and availabilities set on OpenPro
    The prices and availabilities must be set on OpenPro for all the accommodations before the connection.

Once the set up is ready on the side of OpenPro, you can contact our support team to launch the connection.

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