Channel manager: How do XML and ical connections work?

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Some OTA can be connected to the channel manager in XML, and some OTA can be connected with iCal links. This article explains how these two synchronizations are working.
  1. The XML connection with the channel manager:
    You can find the list of the OTA we're connected with here.Screenshot_2021-10-07_at_17.33.29.png

    When connecting an account, the information of the inventory will erase and replace the calendars of the OTA. After the connection, all the information of price, minimum and maximum stays, pricing opened/closed will have to be managed from your Amenitiz calendar.

    Here is a summary of the information sent and received by Amenitiz from the OTA:
    Screenshot 2022-06-29 at 11.06.38.png
    The information of the new reservations, reservations modified and cancelled will be sent to Amenitiz.

  2. For the reservations imported during the connection, the modification and cancellation of reservations will not be sent to Amenitiz since they did not pass through the channel manager.

    All the information added on the Amenitiz account, except for the inventory, will not be sent to the OTA, but will be for the booking engine only (extras, accommodations, promotions, city tax...).

  3. The connection with the ICal links
    For all the other OTA, the calendars can be synchronized by iCal links: by adding these links to the calendar of the OTA once, the availabilities will be sent.

    Here is a resume of the information sent and received by Amenitiz from the OTA:Screenshot_2021-10-07_at_18.05.34.png

    These iCal links are available on your Amenitiz account, click here how to export iCal links.

    It means that if you receive a reservation from your booking engine, the calendar of the OTA synchronized by the iCal link will be updated on this reservation. But if you receive a reservation from the OTA managed by iCal links then you will have to add it on your Amenitiz account.

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