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Simply register a Check-in or a Check-out directly from the booking details


  • In order to register a Check-in or a Check-out, go to Planning and then Calendar in your Amenitiz administrator area left sidebar.
    Once here, you will find all your bookings on a calendar form. Click on the booking you wish to take action on.

    Scroll to the room details in the summary section, you will find the buttons Register Check-in and Register Check-out. Click on it to register the information: 


    If you wish to reverse the action, a new button will appear: Cancel Check-in and Cancel Check-out


    Read this article for more information on how to customize the colors of your reservations

  • To register a check-in from the application, follow the next steps:

      1. You can first log in to your account or to the application.
      2. Then, click on the reservation you want to manage, either from the “activity” tab, or from the "calendar" tab.
      3. You will be landed on the details of the reservation, from here you can click on "Register check-in":

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