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From your Amenitiz account, you can create and edit accommodation, this article guides you on how to create new rooms and edit them for your booking engine and website.


In order to create and edit your accommodation, simply go to > Property in the sidebar of your administrator area, then go to > Accommodations.

  1. To create a new accommodation, click on > Add a new accommodation:capture-d-e-cran-2020-11-18-a-14-28-49.png

    Remember that if you want to connect your accommodations to the channel manager, the structure must be the same as the one you have on the OTA (if you have 1 double room with 5 units on, it has to be the same on Amenitiz).

    If you are adding new units not included in your subscription, it will be updated, here is the pricing of the units on the Amenitiz accounts: Amenitiz Pricing

  2. To modify accommodation, click on the three dots and on > edit accommodation :Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 17.32.44.png

Then, you will be able to fill in all the information of the accommodation:

  • Choose your accommodation type : if you need a synchronization of availabilities, then the accommodation types must be cottage and rooms. Click here to see how to link rooms to a cottage.
  • Choose a name and description (both visible on your website) in all languages. These fields are mandatory.
  • If you are creating a new accommodation, you can define how many accommodations of this type you have
  • Set the capacity and size (optional)
  • Choose one room view (optional)
  • Pricing: set the default price of your accommodation (you will later be able to set specific prices from your Inventory)
  • Visibility on the booking engine and on your website
  • Bedding arrangements: what type of beds and quantity you have. This field is mandatory.
  • Add amenities (optional). Click here to see how to add amenities to accommodation.
  • Pictures of your accommodation (optional)
  • Click on > Save to update these changes into the system

If you did not fill in the name and description in all languages and the bedding arrangements the accommodation cannot be created or updated.

All this information will only be visible on your booking engine and on your website, they will not be sent to the OTA.

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