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You can add a pricing per person to have a price that depends on the occupancy of the room.


To activate or deactivate the pricing per person, you first need to access your rooms. Simply go to > Property in the sidebar of your Amenitiz administrator area. A submenu will appear below, click on > Rooms tab. You will find here an overview of all the rooms you created:Screenshot_2021-10-19_at_14.34.16.png


For each room, you have the possibility to activate the pricing per person. To do so, simply go to "Pricing per person" section of your room and click on "Activated":Screenshot_2021-10-19_at_14.36.05.png

Now, you will be able to add different pricings by clicking on "Add a pricing per person":Screenshot_2021-10-19_at_14.39.56.png


Select the number of people and the variation type you wish to apply:Screenshot_2021-10-19_at_14.41.39.png

  1. First, add the number of guests for whom the pricing per person applies.

  2. Then, choose the variation type : it can be an increase or a decrease, in € or in %. You can choose in % if you want this pricing per person to adapt the seasons.

    The pricing per person set up on Amenitiz will be for your booking engine only
    If you want a pricing per person on the OTA, you have to set it up on the OTA before the connection to the channel manager.

    Here is an article explaining how to set it up on Airbnb. Also, if you are on Airbnb and Expedia and want to do the same pricing per person on these OTA, we recommand you to choose an increase instead of a decrease, otherwise you will not be able to do a decrease on these two OTA.

  3. Finally, choose the variation amount. Be aware that the increase/discount you apply per person is always based on the default price. For example, you set a room at 100 euros for 2 people and you want to apply 110 for 3 people and 120 for 4 people. In this case, you will set: 2 people at "default price", 3 people an increase of 10 euros and 4 people an increase of 20 euros.

Click on > Create to save the changes.

You will be able to add as many pricings per person as you wish, according to the maximum number of people you set for this specific room.

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