Should I create my rooms in stock management or individually?

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You may wonder if you should better create your rooms following hotels' model, a room with several units, or to create the rooms independently. This article explains the differences between these two possibilities.


If you want to connect these rooms to the OTA, the structure of the room will have to be the same on Amenitiz and on the side of the OTA, otherwise the connection cannot be done. Note that for Airbnb, you will not be able to add stock when creating your accommodations on the OTA, but the stock will be sent when connecting to the channel manager.

  1. Creating the rooms independently
    The first possibility is to create the rooms individually, here is what it looks like on your Amenitiz account:

  2. Using the stock
    The second possibility is to create one room, and to add a stock on this room.
    Here is what it looks like on your Amenitiz account:Screenshot_2021-10-19_at_16.50.35.png

  3. Comparative table
Independent Stock
The clients can choose which room they want to book You can reallocate reservations on the rooms you want

You can set up some extras for only 1 room (example: an extra bed which is available in the first room only)

The extras are available for all the rooms
You can set different prices, photos and capacity for the rooms All the rooms have the same specificities: same price, capacity, amenities

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