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This article explains how to set up your city tax on your Amenitiz account, whether it is calculated in € or in %, per adult or per person.
  1. Your city tax is calculated in € or in £
    Simply go to > Settings in the sidebar of your Amenitiz administrator area and then go to > Taxes:Screenshot_2021-10-20_at_10.59.43.png
    A new page will open where you can check all your city tax settings.
    You can choose to set a different city tax for each room, or set a city tax only for some accommodations. You can also choose to exclude or include the city tax price in the room price. Click on > New city tax at the bottom right of your screen to create the city tax you wish to apply to your clients:Screenshot_2022-10-04_at_10.37.10.png

    You will then be able to add a name to your city tax and the price you wish to apply. If you want, you can define a period for which this city tax will be applied.
    You can apply the city tax for bookings with a specific defined maximum number of nights, if for example the city tax only applies for bookings with a certain period of time.
    If you have a city tax that applies only to children, you can then choose to create a tax and define the age up to which that tax will apply.
    For example, you could create a charge of £2 for children up to 16 years of age, and then a charge of £3 for adults aged 17 and over.
    For example, you could create a charge of £2 for children up to 16 years of age, and then a £3
    You will then find all your city taxes in your city tax report.

  2. Your city tax is calculated in %
    If your city tax is calculated in %, you can create it as an extra, it will be an extra calculated in % and applied automatically:Create_a_city_tax.gif

    If you have an additional tax on your city tax, for example a regional tax of 10%, you can apply this additional tax to your city tax: city tax * 1 + additional tax = 3 + 1,1 in this case, so the city tax will be 3,3%.

    You will then find this city tax in your charges report.

  3. The city tax on the OTA side
    The city tax is applied to your online website and is not sent to OTAs. To configure your city tax in your different connected platforms, do not hesitate to do it directly on the corresponding OTAs.
    When reporting your city tax, you will need to import your city taxes reports from the OTAs, depending on if they collect it for you or not.

When you change a city tax, it will affect future reservations only, the previous reservations are not taken into account for this change.

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