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You can block a room from your mobile application, if you need to close accommodation for bookings.


To block accommodation for bookings, you can first log in to the application. Then, you can block accommodation from the planning or from the inventory.

  1. From the planning
    Click on the red icon at the top right of the day and room you want to block.

    From here, you can:

    • Define a period for the status of the selected room
    • Define the current status of the selected room: out of inventory, out of order, pre-booked
    • Add a comment

  2. From the inventory
    Then, go to the section “Inventory” and click on the day you want to block a room:
    Then, choose the room you want to block and change the availability to 0 on this room:
    Then, the room will be blocked, and it will not be possible to book this room for this day, on both the booking engine and the OTAs.

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