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If your property is in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Colombia, or Mexico, you can automatise the sending of the check-in report every day to the competent police station, this article explains how to activate this feature from your Amenitiz account and then on
Properties in the UK and France can activate but will not have the synchronisation and automatic sending to the police, they can still use for online check-in tools, communications, document generation, and storage.

The synchronization between Amenitiz and Chekin

Amenitiz, through Chekin, will let you:

  • Synchronize Booking information to Chekin: Amenitiz sends the contact details to Chekin.
  • Then, through Chekin you can set your police station profile and the cadency of information request collection (automated email to guests before arrival)
  • Let the guest fulfill all the information through their smartphone, by taking a picture or typing their ID information.
  • Chekin will send the information to the competent police station every night at 11pm.

To activate this synchronization, the first step is to go to> Marketplace from your admin area, and type "Chekin" in the search bar:


The Chekin Account creation has to be done through Amenitiz's marketplace first, not from Chekin, otherwise, both applications won't be properly synchronized.


Click on activate, you can then create your account by filling in your email, a password, and your property type. Again, it is important not to create in advance a Chekin account.


It is important to select the property type before creating the account because once the account is created, you will not be able to change it. In the event that you wish to switch property types, you would have to delete the existing account and create a new one through the Amenitiz marketplace again. The available property types you can choose from are hotel or vacation rentals. If you operate as a hotel or bed&breakfast selecting the "Hotel" option would be the right choice. On the other hand, if you manage a multi-property, the "Vacation Rental" option is more suitable.

Once you accept, you will be redirected to Chekin Page. You will see Chekin's dashboard with your property.


The configuration on Chekin

Step by step, the configuration on

On the Property account, you will be able to put all the necessary details such as:

  • Property name
  • Country
  • Province
  • City
  • Fiscal code

Once this will be completed, you can add all the credentials of the Police account:

Automatically send info to: Police and AlloggiatiWeb (for Italian market only)

For Police:

  • Police username
  • Police password
  • Certificate password

For Stats (Just for Italian Market) :

  • Region
  • Username
  • Password
  • Property

Once you validate, another field will be visible on this part called Property: you can easily find the property already there). Once this is completed, you validate again! > COMPLETED!

For the online check-in (the one needed to send the reports, different from the Self check-in, found below that is something we will not use!), you will decide:

  • the language to send the email
  • when to send the email automatically to the customers


The email will be sent over continuously until the information will be completed by all the customers. Once this is completed, the emailing will stop.

Below, you can add the Contract, which is optional (legal agreement):

This will be shown during the online check-in to the guests and add any clause (e.g. for late check out the extra charge, deposit for damage). This will be required to be signed during the online check-in.

You have completed now the set up and you can click on: Save Changes

On top, you move then to: Bookings, where you will be able to see the reservations with the info about:

    • the status
    • the number of guests

The numbers are showing on the right side the number of guests actually in the reservations and on the left side the people completed the online check-in.

The status can be complete when the guests completed the online check-in and the police info.

Below, you can find:

      • the booking status
      • the guest information
      • the booking status (online, police and ISTAT).

The information to the police will be sent over automatically at 11 pm of the day of check-in. In case that the owner wants to send it before, you can always click on Send manually


By clicking the name of the guest, you will enter in the file related with the guest information database, where you can: modify or even delete the guest (this guest info will not appear in the register of the Police):


Returning to the previous window, below you can find the Online Check-in:


Here the owner can copy the online check-in link to send over to the guest manually in case that he needs to do it (to be sent at the check-in time or via whatsapp):


You will have also the option to see the reports and download them in the case:

For e.g. on the guest report, it can be downloaded for a specific property, range of dates of the report you want and also the information you want to include in the excel file:


This is very useful for the newsletters - You will be able to see the date of birth.

In the account section on the top right side, onwers can add their own logo:

From the menu on the left side, going on the Custom Forms, you can name the form, add the country and you can customize the fields you want to be included for the online check-in.

On the below screen you can see that the system is already telling you which are the mandatory fields needed!

And have a preview by mobile of the Self check-in link sent:

As Chekin preserves the information privacy of the guests, through Amenitiz you cannot see if the guest already filed in the information, on Chekin only.

To integrate Nuki or any other digital key with, you should contact support directly. They will be able to provide you with the necessary information and guidance on how to integrate the specific digital key system you are interested in and here Chekin help center

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