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When generating an invoice from a reservation, you can choose if you want the booker or the stayer to appear, and you can add more information on the client as well, if you need to generate several invoices for companies with the name of the employee for example.


  1. Add more information on the client

    When generating the invoice, if you click on "Add client info", you can add any information you want on the client which will appear on the invoice.
    On the left you can add a new label, and on the right the value.

    For example, the label can be "employee name" and the value "Juan Dupont" in the case the client is a company with an employee staying in the room that night.

    Here is an example of an invoice with this information:
  2. Choose between the booker and the stayer

    The first step to follow is to add a stayer on the reservation, by going on the details of the reservation > clients and add a stayer:Choose_if_the_booker_or_the_stayer_appears_on_an_invoice.gifThen, you can generate your invoice from the reservation > invoices.
    You will be able to select the company which has to appear on the invoice if you have several companies in your settings, and choose the charges for this invoice.
    And on the same page, you can choose to make the stayer or the booker appear on the invoice:


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